My Immortal by Evanescence Piano Sheet Music

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Song Facts:

Ben Moody (a co-founder of Evanescence, along with Amy Lee, but Ben left the Band at October, 2003) wrote the lyrics and the piano for this song. It was one of Evanescence’s first songs, and was supposed to be on their first EP, but they decided to remove it as a last minute change).
The lyrics are totally fictional and are based on a movie Moody saw. There are no connections to God, and Amy Lee did not participate in writing it, originally at least.
The original version had some different lyrics:
After “Suppressed by all my childish fears” came two more lines -
“I would give every breath from my chest
To give you all the things that my mind could bear”
And, instead of “I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone but though you’re still with me, I’ve been alone all along” it was -
“I love to walk away
By myself out of the rain
But I can’t leave without you
I love to live without the constant fear and endless doubt
But I can’t live without you”
There are 5 versions of this song. The original, which is the Evanescence EP Outtake version (the piano is not that good there, there are just chords and the voice of Amy), the Origin version (advanced piano, background vocals [by Amy and David Hodges], some effects and the voice of Amy), the Post Origin Demo version (more advanced piano, background vocals by Amy, some effects, strings and the voice of Amy, the chorus is a little different than earlier versions), the Fallen version (same as the Origin version, only with strings added), the Band version (same as the Post Origin Demo version, only all of the choruses are like the last chorus of the Post Origin Demo version and the rest of the Band joins at the end with the drums, guitars, bass and everything) and the No Strings Band version (same as the Band version, only with no strings). (thanks, PhistucK – Snack!:), Israel, for all above)


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