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Song Facts:

This song, which captures the bittersweet beauty of London life, was written by the 18-year-old Adele in 10 minutes after her mother tried to persuade her to leave London for university. She explained to the Observer Music Monthly October 2007: “I played it to her as a protest song and said this is why I’m staying.”
Despite Adele being signed to XL, this was originally released in 2007 as a limited edition 7-inch single on her friend, the singer songwriter Jamie T’s, Pacemaker Recordings label. She explained in the same OMM interview: “He was like, ‘But you promised I could put out ‘Hometown’ back in the day.”‘
Adele’s debut album 19, according to Q magazine January 2008, was titled because it “fully represents” the 19-year-old’s final 12 months as a still-at-home teenager. She added in the same OMM interview that “most of my album is about splitting up with my ex. So it’s a sad, bitter, record, I suppose, but optimistic and all.”
The singer told Q magazine May 2008 that the song’s lyrics were partly inspired by a drunken stagger home after a night out in Central London. She confessed: “I was really pissed, wobbling all over the place. This French woman comes up to me and goes, You need help, dar-leeeng? And I went, Nah, it’s me hometown, luv.”

Adele – Hometown Glory – piano sheets


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