Favourite Song by Colbie Caillat Piano Sheet Music

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Song Facts:

This guitar-driven pop tune finds Caillat crooning between verses rapped by Chicago MC Common. The unlikely pairing was put into motion when the two artists met each other in 2009. She recalled to PopEater: “We actually sang together for a Grammy-in-the-round thing at House of Blues in Hollywood over a year ago, and he was sitting next to me. They had him do ‘The Light,’ and he asked me to sing the chorus part. I was like, ‘Oh my god, you don’t understand, I love you. This is my favorite song.’ So, in front of the whole audience I sang it with him and then after he’s like, ‘Wow, I love your voice, we should totally do something together.’ It took about eight months to a year for anything to happen, but Ryan Tedder and I had a writing session, and I was like, ‘Can we bring Common in with us because I think it can be a cool mix?’ So the three of us wrote together in LA, and we came up with a great song and it’s worked out in the right time.”
Hitmaker Ryan Tedder also appears on the song and the pair go back a long way. Caillat told PopEater: “He and I have been friends since I was like 15. He and his band, One Republic first recorded with my producer and so we’ve known each other this whole time. Ryan’s singing on the song, and he also produced it. It’s young and fresh, and it’s just one of my favorites, no pun intended.” Show SheetsPiano Music Sheets.


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