Caglostro Waltz by Johann Strauss free piano music sheets

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Composer’s Short Biography:

Johann Strauss II (German: Johann Strauß (Sohn), “Johann Strauss (son)”; in English also Johann Strauss the Younger, Johann Strauss Jr., Johann Sebastian Strauss) (October 25, 1825 – June 3, 1899) was an Austrian composer known especially for his waltzes, such as The Blue Danube.

Son of the composer Johann Strauss I, and brother to the composers Josef Strauss and Eduard Strauss, Johann II was the most famous of the family. According to the The Blue Danube Songfacts, his father did not wish him to become a composer, but rather a banker. Nevertheless, Strauss Junior studied the violin secretly as a child and when his father discovered his son secretly practicing the instrument one day, he gave him a severe whipping, saying that he was going to beat the music out of the boy. Fortunately, this did not discourage the budding musician.

Song Information:

Cagliostro-Walzer op.370 is a waltz by Johann Strauss II composed in 1875 based on themes from his operetta, Cagliostro in Wien which premiered on 27 February 1875 at the famous Theater an der Wien.

The waltz principal melody was based on the waltz duet “Könnt’ ich mit Ihnen fliegen durchs Leben” or ‘Could I but fly with you through life’ sung in Act 2 of the operetta. The operetta itself was a success at its first performance and Strauss long adopted the practice of opera composers to draft melodies from their successful stage works to be arranged as a new piece to boost sales of sheet music, thus he composed this ‘Cagliostro-Walzer’.


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