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Artist’s Information:

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll (born February 2, 1977), known simply as Shakira, is a Grammy-award winning Colombian singer-songwriter, musician, composer, record producer, music-video director, dancer, choreographer, instrumentalist and philanthropist who has sold over sixty million records worldwide. She has won ten Grammy awards, twelve Billboard Music Awards and has been nominated for a Golden Globe. She has been in the music industry since 1990, releasing her first album the following year. A child prodigy, she began writing poems and songs at age four and taught herself the guitar at age ten. The death of a half sibling and her father’s reaction to it inspired her to write her first full song at age eight.

Little known outside her native Colombia, it wasn’t until 1995 when Shakira took full creative control over her music, a fusion of rock and dance pop with both deeply personal and biting political lyrics. The approach yielded two multiplatinum albums. In 2001, she broke through into the English-speaking market with the release of her first album in that language, Laundry Service, which she wrote and produced herself and which has sold 3 million copies in the United States and 13 million copies worldwide. The album’s massive sales came in large part thanks to the worldwide hit, “Whenever, Wherever” a dance song with unique Andean instrumentation which soon became one of the highest selling singles of the 21st century.

Shakira is half Lebanese, one quarter Spanish, and one quarter Italian.

Song Information:

“Addicted to You” is the fifth and final single from Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira’s third bilingual album Sale el Sol. The song was written and produced by Shakira, Luis Fernando Ochoa, El Cata, and John Hill. The song was released for digital download on March 13, 2012. “Addicted to You” was announced as the fifth single from the album on March 14, 2012 via Shakira’s official website. On March 13, 2012 a radio version was released for digital download. On May 2, 2012 the music video was released on Shakira’s VEVO channel on YouTube. The music video was directed by Anthony Mandler, and is the only video from the Sale el Sol era that wasn’t directed by Jaume de Laiguana.


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